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LG Optimus V $129.99 at Amazon.com Free shipping [EXPIRED]

I added it to my cart earlier, and its still at 129.

but clicking on the link puts at $239 (which has been the regular price on Amazon AFTER it went up to $199 elsewhere.


Ok, here's the scoop folks. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the way AMAZON works sometimes.

Many times, you are NOT ordering DIRECT from Amazon.... You are ordering from a "merchant" on amazon.com (much like Ebay has "stores".).

Sometimes Amazon doesn't tell you right off where the item is coming from, until you dig and look a little deeper.

So, it was most likely an ERROR, or the seller who was selling them from amazon.com sold the quantity they were selling at $129. THUS, it went back to the regular price when that quantity no longer existed.

I recently ordered a license plate from AMAZON.COM, but AMAZON.COM only billed me, the item shipped from a mom-and-pop "virtual store" that just sold license plates....

So, that's more than likely the reason it disappered so quickly! ! ! !
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READ MY POST. It depended on WHAT SELLER within the Amazon community was selling it at that price......Once those deals are sold from "THAT" seller, it reverts to another offer.

You most likely were NEVER seeing the phone at THAT PRICE **DIRECTLY** from amazon.

If you've ordered from Amazon.com before, you would see how it works.

When I went to check my cart (I added it when I seen it for $129), it said ZERO, and this message.

We're sorry. The item LG Optimus Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) is no longer available from the seller you selected. We've moved it to the Saved Items section of your Shopping Cart. To see if it's available from another seller, click here to return to the item's product detail page.

I went again and it is still $239.95 shipped. I did search for the lowest price on Amazon for the V and found $170.49 w/shipping from xlwireless. Why would we get different results from the same link?
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Hey everyone, hopefully i can help a little. I ordered this phone within the seemingly one hour window of opportunity. It was being sold BY Amazon.com. It is not a private seller of any sort. The phone was and i quote "Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC " and will be fulfilled by them. The only thing i noticed though was that it mentioned that it may take upto 8 days to ship. This was definately a strange occurence, although i'm glad it occured.
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I have ordered a lot of merchandise from Amazon through the years and they always show the seller right there on the product description and/or show options to see all sellers. When you place it in your cart and don't order right away, sure, it can change if that seller you originally chose no longer has any items in stock.

mjv5864 and newyorkien - thanks for clarifying and showing that Amazon definitely was selling these phones at that price. Maybe they will get some in stock and have a sale again in the future. Good to know if I need another one.
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