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Root LG Optimus V soft-bricked?


Apr 23, 2012
I recently did a factory wipe/data reset to go back to factory settings to fix a call problem. Unrooted of course. Did this before, so wasn't a problem the first time.

Except this time, something happened and it booted into the dreaded fastboot mode. So I found a thread to get out of that, followed all the instructions and got stock recovery back. I tried to restore the stock ROM (with the radio fix) since it wouldn't boot into stock. Did that, looked good.

Then reboot. Now it's stuck on the LG logo screen. Can't go into recovery or emergency mode, tried all the tricks, the key combos. Nada.

I'm pretty much out of options, I think? I've read somewhere, this is just a semi or soft brick?

I need some help here!


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