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Root Liberty 1.5 is rapeing my battery

Well, I just proved how much Liberty 1.5 is killing my extended battery. With 1.5 running, my phone would show 60% after being off charger for around 6-7 hours, then usually by 9-10 hours I would be down to around 40 - 50%. Horrible battery life. So, I restored my stock nandroid backup I made right after I rooted my X last night and then fully charged my X around 6:45 am and after being off charge now for around 13 hours I am at 80% battery (8:30 pm). This testing was done in the same conditions on both ROM's. I was in my office for most of the time, like I normally am, so should not have anything that would have skewed the results.

I really like Liberty 1.5, but I cannot live with that kind of battery drain, hoping I will have enough battery at night if I am off somewhere without an electric outlet or car charger. I even applied the battery patch and saw no improvement.

Has anyone truly nailed down why 1.5 is such a battery hog yet? I have seen theories, but didn't know if it had really been found.

NOTE: Wow, is the stock ROM slow. Very sluggish compared to Liberty 1.5
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