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Help Lightflow Battery and LED life questions

Hey guys I just set up light flow and I'm really liking it. Two questions though,

1. If I set it to flash orange while charging and green when charged is there a risk of burning out my LED as I charge at least once a day?

2. Will the app decrease my battery life?


having a hard time changing the charging notification indicator color. Any ideas?
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i fond its easier on battery,, for the simple fact im not having to swipe my phone open to see if anything is going on,, walk by,, its flashing i open,, if its not i dont open,,,

with out LED notification was swiping steady,, one of the main reasons i took the SG2 back

Excellent point. I do the same, but I never really thought about it having a positive effect on battery life until your post.
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theres that "run in foreground" check box. Must that be checked and how does that affect battery.

This only needs to be checked if you find the app keeps stopping working. It shouldn't make any difference to battery.

Run in foreground just stops android from killing a process unless it "really" has to. Usually used for things like music players to stop your music getting interrupted if running low on resources.

Personally I've never needed to have it set on any of my phones, but some people can't run without it being set.

By the way, if you hadn't guessed, I'm the author of the app :)
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I found that Lightflow drained a lot of my battery when I had it installed. After I uninstalled it, my battery life increased dramatically. But then again, I had a lot of notify LEDs on. Like probably 10-15 apps.

You may find the newer versions better. A few revisions back I rewrote some areas of the app that got accessed frequently and cut the running time of them by up to 75%.

The latest release has also added a new notification method which just displays the most recent notification to have come in. This makes it the most battery efficient method (albeit without successive notification cycling) as it doesn't need to use any repeating wake alarms (code alarms, not the type to wake you up) to change the notification cycle.
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