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Lightning flash when sleeping


Jan 28, 2016
Something is causing my screen to have flashes like "lightning" when the screen is sleeping (black screen). This only happens on the black screen, never when the phone is in use.Verizon`s response is to get a new phone, as it's out of warranty. I do like my phone, but I'm flying to India next week and would be really ticked if the phone dies while overseas. Does anyone have any ideas, and yes I've tried a restart.
I really like active display myself. It should be showing the time with an icon for the last app with an unread notification, or an unlock icon if there are no apps with unread notifications, but i was guessing that your active display was corrupt somehow if it was just flashing a light without the time or icon.

You can try turning it back on to see if it now works right, or, of course, just leave it off if you really don't need the feature.

This is what it should look like, and a lot more info about active display:
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