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Sep 6, 2022
Hello, I own a Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo and I often run into a problem with the lock screen
The phone screen will go blank (not turn off, just go completely black) and after some seconds turn back again, showing my lock screen, last for a couple seconds and go black again, repeating endlessly. While in this state I cannot interact with anything on the screen no matter how many times I touch, and the notification icons and status icons show the correct information, I named this "blanklock" for convinience
I can restart my phone by just holding the power button while showing my lock screen, in the next black screen cycle it will show the restart button which I can interact with and my phone will restart with no problems, until the next blanklock
I found out this tends to happen when I get a Twitter notification, or when I enter Twitter, but it's not 100% it will; I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling and it persists; althought like I said, it can happen at random, sometimes with days in between blanlocks and sometimes with no more than 10 minutes until then

Another detail worth to mention is the fact that ever since the blanlocks started to happen I cannot open the "Clock style" in the lock screen settings page; and before this started happening, i got a fix color in my lock screen clock and now it's in the "automatic color" mode that changes depending on my wallpaper
I can change the LS wallpaper with no problem, I can change the apps shown in the LS and change lock method with no problems

details worth mentioning of my phone:
flashed an android 9 firmware, originally 8.
no sim card, has sd card
no root

please help! any feedback into what could be causing this is appreciated!


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