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Help Listening to Text Messages in Car Mode


Android Enthusiast
Nov 13, 2009
OK, Bionic is in its car cradle and I get text message from, say, my mom.

Bionic cheerfully says, "Text message from mom. Say 'Listen' to listen to message."

I say "listen" (and, because of car noise, it doesn't hear me, and it repeats the command, and I move my face over to the phone and yell "LISTEN!" again, and this whole thing repeats about a half dozen times until it finally hears me) and it plays the damn message.

There are two buttons under the message on the screen. One says "Call Contact," and the other says "Dismiss." Having heard the message, I hit "Dismiss." It dismisses.

Bionic THEN says, "Text message from null. Say 'Listen' to listen to message." If I say "Listen," it has nothing to play, because there is no text message.

If I DON'T say "Listen" and just hit "dismiss," Bionic will dismiss the alert from my screen, and then re-alert me about 10 seconds later. I dismiss again; it alerts again. We play this little game until I actually VIEW my text messages. (What is particularly annoying about this is that I can't just open the notification from my status bar -- because Bionic has removed the notification when I listened to the text from mom (the only REAL text that came in). So in order to get the "Text message from null..." alert to STFU, I have to exit car mode and open my text messages while driving 60 mph on the freeway. This does not make me happy.)

It never used to do this -- it used to let me dismiss a text (either before or after hearing it) and there'd be none of this message from null business. At this point, I'd be happy if there was a setting I could use to make it stop vocally alerting me to incoming texts (and offering to read them) while I'm driving, but I see no option in my messaging settings (and, er, can't figure out how to open my car mode settings when not in a car cradle).

(Not rooted. 5.9.902. Do not get texts all that often while driving, so cannot identify when this started.)


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