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'Live' Sat Nav



I am really hoping I wasnt imagining this but I am sure I saw a youtube video of a sat nav app running on android where the app used the phones camera to get a live picture of the road ahead and overlayed the route onto it. Anyone? Or was it a different phone entirely?
Yes it does exist. If it's live it would be using augmented reality. You see what the camera is seeing except your route is laid over the top. Requires quite a bit of processing power.

Do a google search for augmented reality sat nav

eg Motor Stuff : Wikitude Drive brings augmented reality sat-nav to Android

Thanks Frank, another one here YouTube - AugSatNav

Just checked their site and you can download it on the Market Place, do a search for Augsatnav (no spaces)

EDIT - Just tried it and it seems to work if you select the map and find where you want to go and select it on the map. Havent got it to work by typing in an address yet
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