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Help live with walkman isn't booting

4 days ago my phone suddenly turned off . Then I tried to turn it on but I could see only the walkman screen . After that the screen goes off for 4/5 seconds and then phone restarts. The cycle continues and even I can't turn it off using power switch when it happens. I need to remove the battery to stop this. I tried to flash the phone using flash tool. It was official firmware ICS which I was using on this phone. Last time I updated the software from Gingerbread using PC companion. But now it's not possible . However , when I tried to flash using flashtool it gives two infos - 'Device connected with usb debugging off' and 'For 2011 devices line be sure you are not in MTP mode' . But it's not possible to change it when I can't turn on the phone. Please help me with a solution. I will be very grateful .

hoping to hear from someone soon :)


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