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sony ericsson live with walkman

  1. K

    after updating android *.mp4 movies plays in narrow widow

    i updated my selww phones OS few days ago and i have some movies in mp4 format, on my laptop they are playnig in full screen ( i know some movies are shoot in 16:9, or even narrower format) but those which i have should play in full screen, insted now i am seeing black lines in top, and bottom...
  2. A

    Help live with walkman isn't booting

    4 days ago my phone suddenly turned off . Then I tried to turn it on but I could see only the walkman screen . After that the screen goes off for 4/5 seconds and then phone restarts. The cycle continues and even I can't turn it off using power switch when it happens. I need to remove the battery...
  3. L

    Help WT19i BRICKED, help please!

    Hi ! I got a wt19i Locked bootloader, no root. One day started rebooting over and over again. I tried flashing ICS generic and the resets stopped but only if I plugged the cellphone with the 220v charger. I tried flashing with flashtool other TFT, GB 42,58, ics .. all of these ones...
  4. Z

    Help Touchscreen problem

    Hello! I have this problem: Today I downloaded a game called Marvel Puzzle quest. Everything is going good except that there is something buggy on the button and instead of clicking them once i have to rapidly click them fast enough or they wont respond. I know the problem is not in the game...
  5. R

    Help Insufficient Storage Error

    Insufficient Storage Error [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]I have a Sony Ericson Live with Walkman WT19i with a 32Gb SD Card installed. I am getting the Error: Insufficient Storage whenever the phone wants to update installed apps, and also when I try to install a new app. The phone is not rooted and I wouldn
  6. R

    Music Player Help

    Hi, Can anyone please help? When using the music player to listen to an album, then you want to change to another album then decide to go back to the original album it always goes back to the beginning. Is there a way to go back to the first album and continue listening from where you stopped...
  7. N

    Help Better internal memory management

    Hello! Hope this forum is still active :P I found many useful things here. I have a Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman and the problem I'm having is that the internal memory keeps getting full. It's always at 80-90%. I moved all my apps to the SD Card, everything I do I store there (photos...
  8. R

    Help how to extract files from .daa file

    Sir recently I have downloaded .daa file. Can any one of you suggest how to extract data from the above file in my mobile. Regards, Rupesh.
  9. R

    Help weak network signals and low torrent speed

    sir my name is Rupesh and I am from India. I am using Sony ericsson live with walkman wt19i mobile. I am using Vodafone 2g internet services. when I keep some download its working fine but when I try to download torrents sometimes they are working fine I mean if I keep torrent download and after...
  10. B

    Help Problem in Changing Memory Card

    Hi Everyone !! I wanted to change my Memory Card. I copied everything from my old memory card to the new one including the hidden folders but after I insert the new card some of the applications and games installed before does not show and when I again insert the old memory card they show up...
  11. R

    Root uninstalled every preinstalled do help

    i uninstalled almost 95% preinstalled apps and now i got only settings option i uninstalled maps, contact , walkman radio browser widgets , messaging every other application during testing no all i can do is attend call make call i can charge mobile by connecting to pc but its not recognised by...
  12. I

    Help Emergency calls only/ No service

    Hai all, I am using live with walkman on Ginger bird OS for the last 1 year. Now it shows Emergency calls only/ No service while the sim is active. :confused: But its fine when I insert other sim cards., and vice versa. Do I need to ugrade to ICS ??
  13. ninJmP

    Root BOOT Loop! Please Help

    Hello, I have a Sony WT19i and I wanted to install a custom ROM on it. I found that there was no recovery present on the device, so i copied the recovery files found on XDA ( into my system/bin and system/xbin Now the phone is just stuck on the "SONY" logo and just rebooting. Please help...
  14. R

    Help Keeps loosing sound settings

    Hi, After selecting a song or notification sound from my personal folder often when I turn off and on again (or even when I change modes) the settings are lost and it automaticly selects the default sounds. Does this happens to anyone else? What should I do? I am preety sure I'm doing it right...
  15. R

    Help Can't connect to WEP

    Hi, i've upgraded my lww to ics..my problem is I cant connect (sometime cant detect) to any wifi with wep protection..it connect without any problem to wpa protected wifi.
  16. L

    Root Got double charged on google play..help?

    i made an in app purchase and noticed another the same one on my google wallet which i didnt buy.. i was trying to find why did that happem and saw that it can happen on rooted android devices and ya..my phone is rooted.. does anyone know how to stop this from happening? should i re install...
  17. M

    Help Gingerbread Help

    I use a Sony Ericsson WT19a (AKA Live With Walkman). It runs on Gingerbread originally, but is upgradable to ICS. Can anyone please explain how to upgrade it?
  18. R

    Help how to recover deleted files

    Sir I am using Sony Ericsson xperia walkman wt19i phone. Yesterday I have downloaded 700 MB file from net and connected to Windows 8 PC and tried to transfer the file but accidentally I have deleted the file from Windows explorer. Sir can you please suggest a procedure to get back my file...
  19. P

    Help My WT19i won't boot

    Today my phone just went dead. Freezed and had to remove the battery, then it just try to boot over and over again, just showing the walkman screen and then back to the start! Help please! :dong:
  20. E

    Help phone only apps

    as u know phone storage is low and there are a lot of apps that cant be moved to sd card .. is their any way to move them ?
  21. E

    Help lww, opera mini and javascript

    hi all, i`m using opera mini and it always says that it needs javascript to run the site properly for some sites like facebook so i searched and found that lww doesnt support javascript so is there any solution for this problem ?
  22. N

    Root Clockworkmod install before root

    Hi, have anybody expert know how to install CWM recovery before root LWW??? Because this problem i face it a long time ago and i cannot find any answer, Thanks..
  23. E

    Help SD card 'not' mounted'

    Please please please help me! I connected my phone with USB to my laptop to transfer data, but explorer won't open the phone. So I took the card out (and it fell....) and mounted directly into laptop. Gave me the error message that card should be formated befor it could be used!! :bawling...
  24. rachit_rawat

    Root [ROM][ICS]Serenity [2.0][09/11/12][BOTH BL]

    Hi there! I wanted to share my Serenity ROM from XDA forums. Currently all MDPI supported. Thank you! Link here
  25. E

    Help Go back to factory 2.4.3 unroot for insurance

    Good day to you all This is my first post here and i'm happy to be here I have sony ericsson Live with walkman 4.0.4 rooted with CyanogenMod rom. I want to unroot it and go back to 2.4.3 that firmware i got from my cell provider. 1. i would like to know where can i download my Israel...