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Help Loading music / ringtones


Mar 6, 2010
So, got this new "awesome" phone I've heard so much about and I'm starting to get really irritated and about to throw it against the wall!

I've read tons of posts on this forum and others and can't get new rintones loaded, and advice?

I've used the sync feature in Windows Media Player to load music, and when I go into the Music Player on the phone, they are all there, but show unknown artist, unknown albulm, whats the deal? I deleted them and re-loaded, same issue. I deleted again and did drag and drop and they dont show in the medai player at all - WTF!
if you want them to show something besides unknown anything, you have to tag them. you do that on your PC. right click, go to properties,details,edit details.... the phone isn't a ipod or zune and doesn't find the tags for you. it's a pain in the butt, but it'll make it show what you want it to.

oh also the loading ringtone thing... on your SD card theres should be a folder named "media". if theres not one, create it. in that folder create two additional folders named "ringtones" & "notifications". put the ringers in the ringtone folder and put sounds or songs you want for text messages or anything else in the notification folder.

also your music should go in a seperate folder labeled "music".

you can also download zedge off the market place and set ringers and notifications from there.
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The songs are already tagged properly, when you load them onto your pc, Windows Media Player tagges them for you, however that info is not showing on the phone, just the song name.

This happens to me also. Even when I view my music files on my SD card on my computer they show all the info. But when I dismount my phone some songs show as unknown name, title, album, etc. Kind of a pain if you want to go to a specific song or album and everything say "unknown"
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Anybody got a fix for this? No offense, but please only reply with a fix, otherwise your just clogging up the thread with "I got the same problem" and when someone finally posts a fix, everyone will have to sort through pages and pages of everyone posting the same complaint the op, in that case me, already posted!
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