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loading music to phone


May 20, 2010
Hi when i condense an album and drop it on my phones memory card half the album is going under the artist and album name and the rest are under unknown artist does anyone no how to get themall under the album name?
is it something im doin or not doin pls?
I have posted 3 threads on here and no-one replies is it something i have said?!!!

I have downloaded file manager and astro file and when viewing the memory card through these apps the albums are show in full under the artist but through the music players it is as i said half under the artist and half under unknown????

pls help!!
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It's pretty simple, open a folder within mp3tag and it will show you the tags for all of the files within that folder (and subfolders).

Since youre getting 'unknown artist' etc you will probably find that most of your files are untagged, so you will have to add the tags yourself. The most important tags are:

title (the name of the track)
track (the track number)

You can either edit fields individually (or select a bunch of files by, say, the same artist and rename them all at once), some help on this here: Tags - Mp3tag Forums

OR you can use the 'convert filenames to tags' option, which is much quicker. Help on this here: Converter - Mp3tag Forums

OR you can have mp3tag go off to a central database and figure out what tracks you have and tag them automatically (i've never really tried this but apparently its very good)
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Hi thanks for the reply.
i downloaded the app mp3tagger which does the job you explained HOWEVER when im copying across albums i only get half of the song the other half showing as 'sorry this player does not support this type of audio file' yet im converting the whole album at the same time.

Could it be the sd card or something else????
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