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Jul 30, 2012
Just found this rather nice app called Locket. Turns your lockscreen into a nice advertising board and pays you when you unlock your phone. (only 1c each time, and only up to 3 times an hour, kind of hoping that changes when they come out of beta, but hey it's free money for using your phone)

Also pays you $1 a time for referring folks to the app.

This is real money you can have paid into your paypal account.

Locket - Swipe in, cash out
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I just figured I'd try it... not too fussed about it needing email addresses.. not like I don't have several that I use for different things. Curious to see how much it makes through normal use. The link I posted in the first post is the referral link it gave me, apparently they are only doing the $1 for referrals while its in beta, nothing to lose by trying it ;)
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Referral done.

While we're on the subject, feel free to use any of my crapload of cloud storage referrals, there's a link in my sig to the whole list. ;)
Refer me if u want. I dont use a lock screen but i wana give u the $1 :)
Its actually a great idea. I bet a dev could EASILY hack it or use a "bot" to trip it 10000s of times a day though ;)
EDIT it wants my email addy though so thats a NO sorry :beer:

You could use disposable addresses. I like spamgourmet.com and dudmail.com but you could even use one that doesn't require you to sign up like tempinbox.com . I almost never give out my real email address to any sign-up for anything, no matter how legitimate.
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