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Looking for a good mail program

Hopefully Mozilla Thunderbird will one day go to a mobile app form. Until then, Yahoo! Mail works pretty darn good. It allows IMAP access and unlimited storage. Attachments are limited to a max of 25 MBs per message which is reasonable. You can get a free @yahoo or @ymail or @rocketmail Yahoo! e-mail address.

EDIT: I forgot to mention to go to http://m.yahoo.com/ to check your e-mails.
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The stock app works well for me, but I see a lot of people talking about Touchdown. I have no experience with it. Just curious, what kind of problems are you having with the stock app?

What my problem is, is hard to explain - the problem is that my calendar has problems because I have some problems with the way to add new mail accounts, in the stock mail app, and I just can't fix it. That's why I'm looking for another mail program.

I'm using a Google account, Gmail and a exchange mail account. And because of the Gmail and google account, all my events/task shows up twice in my calender. I have tried to turn off calender sync, in both of the gmail and google accounts, but still, all my events/task shows up twice.

I hope you understand - it's hard to explain :eek:

I have now tested the K9 mail app, added my mail accounts and my calendar works just fine :)
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