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Looking for specific app, can anyone help?

hey Guys,

So i'm just in my 2nd month owning the Desire love it, phone memory is crammed full of apps lol. Think I've got something somewhere thats downloading data a bit more than I'd like tho.

I'm using 3G watchdog and i've noticed over last few days my quota for received data is alot higher than it has been in previous month... my question is does anyone know of an app than can show me which apps on my phone are transmitting / downloading the most data, like a breakdown of data per app?

Any help greatly appreciated, cheers

Ross :)
Does anyone know of an app that can ask if you want sound to play or not when opening games?

I would like to be able to play games on the sly without any noise :)

Menu->Settings->Sound & Display->Media volume
Setting that to zero seems to do what you're asking, although I only have one game to test it on ;) Give it a try.
Oh, and you're welcome, Ross :)
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