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Help LOST.DIR - extract or access files content?


Android Expert
Feb 8, 2010
Long story short, I lost some images somehow from my Gallery. They are just.. gone. No explanation. never seen this issue before and I can think of no reason how or when it even happened. sometime over the last 30 days when I was in Thailand.

On the SD card is this LOST.DIR which I understand holds all the corrupted or orphaned files found during a file system check due to incorrectly unmounted cards (which I am very cautious of when I unmount/mount my phone to my computer).

This directory contains 8-9 numbered Unix files totaling about 500 mb. I have tried photo recovery tools but did not get back a few I was hoping to get. Most were backed up so no huge loss, some were new and not yet backed up.

Anyone know of a way to extract the data from those Unix files? My thought is that maybe they contain the missing images and it seems if you cannot get the data out of those files, what's the point of them then?

any thoughts?


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