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Help Lost Launch button! HELP


Apr 20, 2012
I bought this phone off my friend and it had cyanogen Mod on it. My husband says this phone is going to be buggy because of it, but so far it's been fine until today. The LAUNCH button that is usually in the bottom of the main page in the little 3 boxes which you can customize, is GONE and it is no where I can see. I have checked the other pages and it is totally gone. If I want to access anything that isnt on my start pages then I have to search for it to access it. I want my LAUNCH button back! I tried a hard reset but nothing happened! HELP!!!!!!
THANKS SO MUCH Caro332! Touching the screen worked!
(This is my first android phone, had a blackberry for about 4 years before this and they are very very different!)

No problem! I also had a blackberry before I changed to android. So I know what you're going through. The thing is that you can customize a looooot more on android than blackberry so feel free to try and touch/do things to see what happens!
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