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love my droid

Got my Droid 11/11 and just love it. My iphone friends are envious.

Some of my iPhone friends act like they still love their iPhones...
I caught one of my friends inside a VZW store playing with the Moto Droid :p

Welcome To Android Forums! :D

This is a very large Android community;)

You will find lots of exciting news & helpful members here.
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@android_life:the DROID aka. MILESTONE in canada of course. It's coming to canada in early 2010. Finally,I can be free from apple! Imagine,I'll be able to CHANGE the battery on the Droid. It might be a small thing to you but is my phone.
Bad enough apple took away the P-keyboard and forced the Virtual-KB down our throat. In the last few yrs apple could have implemented multi-tasking they chose not to.Control!Control! We all should be grateful to Android because the table has turned and apple have to, especially Steve J. to change the way of doing business. Dictator can be toppled!!! Arrogance is apple worse enemy. apple has lost my business and I am sure there are many who shared my sentiment.
Thanks to Moto-droid,now we have the freedom of both P-kB and V-KB,it's not the prefect P-KB (what else is) at least it's there.
Don't we all love choices??
BTW,are there any Iphone users who changed their phones to Droid or share the same sentiment as I do? I just like to know.
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You will love the phone.
A feature I really like is the window shade.

When you are running an app & receive a message of any kind, simply slide your finger from top of screen down towards the bottom, a window shade pulls down revealing your new unread messages. They will remain there until you respond to them, or clear the new message alerts.

VERY nice. No need to exit or back out of an app to read messages.

Sounds like you're ready for January to be here.

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@Android_life: oh for sure,I know,I will and thanks for the "cool shade" sorry, window tips. You're so kind. I tried to slide down and also up on my iphone screen, darn! it didn't do nothing. LOL' The perfect iphone did not come through for me as simple as a swipe accept to turn on,,,,,,, Droiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidfulllllll You're killing my ANTICIPATIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.
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Welcome to AF!
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