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Help Love my New GS4, but...


Mar 26, 2011
Coming from the HTC Rezound, one thing I really liked about it was how I could link all my social media contacts. On the GS4, I can't seem to be able to add Twitter profiles to my contacts. Anyone know of a way to do it? Tried using TweetCaster since I sync my Facebook contacts through FriendCaster, but didn't see an option to sync the contacts.

Another thing I noticed it that one past phones I had a "desktop dock" mode & a "car dock" mode, where on this it only seems to have one dock mode. Is there a way to have the desk clock launch when I put it in my desktop dock at night & launch my car app (iBolt's app) when I have it in my car dock?

Otherwise, really liking the S4 so far. Granted today was the first day & I spent most of it setting the phone to my liking.
Just a quick update. It seems that there is only one dock mode & when I don't have the external speakers connected to my desktop dock, the phone goes into clock mode, so I've been doing that. As for Twitter contacts, still haven't found a way to add them to my contacts.

That said, I LOVE this phone. I get much better battery life on this with the standard battery then I did on my Rezound with the extended battery. I like that you can set different text message alerts for contacts with the stock Text Messenger device.
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