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Help Low battery -- Phone turns off at 15%


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Sep 6, 2011
Dear all

This is quite a common irk that really winds me up. When my battery is around the 20% mark and if I have no immediate way of charging it don't touch it as I know death is imminent. As soon as the battery hits 15% it just dies. Quite frustrating as it can take me 4 hours of light use to go from 100% to 85%. That's a lot of time for light browsing. So I don't really get any "Low battery" warnings. Just between 20 and 15% and that seems to drain a tad too quickly for my liking.

Is there anywhere around this? I appreciate the battery shouldn't literally be 100% drained of juice, however can it not be calibrated so when it is actually ~15% my reading says ~0%? This way it's A) more accurate and B) Gives me clear warning before it dies as opposed to dying instantly.

I'm using the Redux 1.2 Rom if that's any help but I feel not as it did this with Sense. Or could it be the health of my battery? Reports indicate that it is "Good". But I've had my Desire for little over a year now and generally speaking, the battery hasn't declined drastically.

Thanks guys! :D

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my 2 cents

I fixed this on my phone. You basically need to calibrate your battery properly, the only method that worked for me (phone now switches off at 1-2%) can be found here: Advanced Battery Calibration (tested and verified on Oxygen + bravoGSM (Page 1) / Tutorials, Guides and FAQs / Oxygen Forum with discussion here re:Advanced Battery Calibration Thread in the Tutorial Section (Page 1) / Help / Support / Oxygen Forum

requirements: a rooted phone and a compatible kernel.

Thanks for the links and info. I will certainly look into it. Its quite frustrating and I hope I can get a more accurate reflection of my battery's status. An error of 15% is not really good in my book.
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I used the battery calibration tool on my phone. Although yes it turns off at 1% now instead of 15%, It is hard for me to change to this and I am just not used to it after 18 Months of it shutting down at 15%. I would almost actually want to set it back to how it was.

I feel the same now! I'm used to it being 15% before it's death. I know it's not cutting out early but rather the battery calibration is just out. I guess it's like your're used to telling the time on a clock that is slow and you automatically adjust to it.
I know I'll be fine with it all when I actually sort it out though. My OCD isn't too bad.
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I just noticed this for the first time this week. Was at 16%, then went into SMS and it switched to 1%, phone shutting down. Did you do the advanced calibration?

I have used the app aptly named "Battery Calibration" from the market. I haven't had my phones battery down to red since I've had a busy weekend and hardly used my phone and it goes on charge every night regardless of it's life. I have noticed perhaps the battery is slightly lower than usual, so it could be correctly calibrated now. Its certainly worth a shot. I'll post back if I get my phone to less than 10% and it remains on.
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I found an easier method. Just wait for the phone to go down to 15% (or whatever percentage it shuts down at) and as soon as the 'shutting down' box pops up, quickly plug it into the charger and let it fully charge. That's it.

I couldn't believe it was so easy compared to the other methods but I've tried it twice and it works.
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Hmmm!! Didn't work. Got down to 15% and got the warning the battery was getting low so plugged charger in.
I get that warning too at 15% but it doesn't shut down until it gets to 1%. Next time try letting it shut down.

I tried it again and still working:

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