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Since "CDMA Only" is an option, I'm not sure why you would want an app to do it for you. Where I work, however, we are in a 4G area but it switches back and forth a lot. That switching causes major delays. I'd rather know if there was a way to switch to "LTE Only" so it could recover faster from a bad signal.

P.S. We make space flight electronics here where I work, so there is plenty of interference. It isn't just a fringe zone.
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The phone has a setting to turn on or off the LTE , go into setting and click on power and it will give you 3 power setting to choose from. For my daily use I choose " normal " . I herd they might be removing this setting in the ics update but I hope not

That is nifty. What I'm looking for is a widget that can toggle this with one tap
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Unfortunately, the OS doesn't allow programs to be able to change that setting directly. So there is no one-tap widget. It might be possible with root, but I haven't seen any widgets that claim to do it.

I tried the widget you mentioned Plus a few others. My favorite is 4G Toggle, because when you tap on "Network Mode" you only see the two options you want: CDMA/LTE or CDMA ONLY. Some of the others show you about 3 additional options you'll never use.
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