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M4v frustrations


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Nov 15, 2009
The Bronx
Hi all,

I know the general topic has been discussed, but I can't find an answer to this specific issue.

Downloaded a music video on itunes. It is xx.m4v. ERIS's media app (Albums) won't play it.

From what I understand, there is no DRM anymore on iTunes purchases (and I'm not sure that the videos had DRM anyway - how do you tell? With music it was obvious - protected AAC, but video?)

So, per various posts, i tried changing the extension to .mp4 (since it already should be mp4 format). But no dice, still won't play.

Would like to have this solved today -- any help?

(The video codec is H.264, so it should be playable)


New to forums so bear with the poor formating. I too had this prob at first but found that when I installed free version of mixzing player that it played the m4v files. I also went into file associations in the droid and added a file type for m4v to set it to default to be a movie type file as it wasn't in the list of known files orig. They play just fine now and i use avs to convert them to ipod m4v files and works great.
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You can try changing the file extension to .mp4

No conversion needed. Its a little known trick that M4v is really just mp4.

If its a locked DRM song it might not work. Works well for my stubborn ones.

As indicated, I had done that. The reason I posted the question was that that didn't work.

Is it necessary to change the physical dimensions of the file for it to run on Eris?
(It is 640 x 352)
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Update -
Using HandBrake, I reconverted the m4v files to mp4 (even though I know they should be the same thing) and changed the dimensions to 480 x whatever.

I tried some various other tweaks (ipod v5 compatible, legacy ipod profile...) the best I could get was to have the Media player not complain, play the audio, but still show a green screen rather than the correct video.

I paid for the music video on the itunes store, and am very annoyed to not be able to play it on the Eris.
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