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Mail Process keeps spawning although not used


Dec 9, 2009
Hi there,
I dont have push mail in hero configured nor have I ever touched that application.
I only use the built in gmail application to send and receive mails.
When I installed Taskiller, I noticed that I have this "Mail" process which is always there! if I kill it, after a few minutes, it will come back.
So far I cant seem to isolate the problem and I am quite clueless about why this application is there, because it takes about 3 mb of memory.

any help?
thanks a lot,
I wouldn't worry about it.

I was using Task Killer & concerned about this app and that app consuming memory. After reading some other threads, I decided to ditch TK and leave the Android OS to manage memory as designed......don't worry about it now & I have not felt any adverse effects on the phone (i.e. sluggish, etc).

I may get the Force Close Button app at some point though.
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