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Help Major 3g Headache

After arriving in Spain, 3g won't work. I bought a Spanish payg sim with inclusive Internet, but don't get a 3g icon on the notification bar. Various tools tell me I'm connected, but all I get is 'Web page isn't available'

I don't think the Spanish sim is the cause, because the icon was missing as soon as I switched on after landing. I've seen other people on various forums with the same problem, without the being abroad bit.

I know all the buttons to press in the normal run of events, but none of them are helping.... Including access point names. At the moment, I'm relying on free wifi from bars so keeping up to date is a pain.

Any solutions would be very gratefully received. My phone has become an essential piece of kit while on holiday, but not if I'm tied to wifi access
Hi Ironass. Sim free phone unlocked from birth. Phone calls and texts are working on Spanish sim and I had a text from
them confirming Internet access. APN is as it should be

My replies to this thread are going to be sporadic at best given my access problems, but it doesn't look like it's going away any time soon, so keep the ideas coming folks
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