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Make sure you know whats on your SD!


Jul 22, 2010
I went to Verizon yesterday to see if I could get my Droid 3 keyboard fixed (the a was frequently not working) which isn't too big of a deal at first but I mean it gets pretty annoying having to go back on words and press "A" like 3 times to get it in there. Enough of that. Anyways, The employee was messing around with the keyboard and stuff, and she said "What is this?" I replied "what?" "Z4Root?" I was like OHHH SHIIIIIIIIII... Anyways she was pretty cool about it cause my phone was not rooted and she could tell and I explained to her that my old phone was and that I have all my apps in my SD so it probably transferred. She made sure I took it off and went on to claim the manufacture defected phone . I wanted to tell you guys this just in case you got something on your SD that sorta kinda VOIDS THE WARRANTY. I'm lucky and got a chill employee who simply took it off. So make sure anything root is OFF your SD.


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