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Root making a port


Android Expert
Feb 8, 2012
so hey, if a port is basically using cm10 as a base. would it be possible to just take all the changed files and put them in a flashable zip or an aroma installer so it could be flashed over any cm10? then permission would be irrelevant. just a thought
edit: plus when a new build comes out it wouldn't have to be re ported just reflashed :)
i built cm10 from source. it's posted somewhere in the middle of bobz thread. it had issues though. no in call audio and when you tried to reboot into recovery from the power menu it would do a factory reset instead. but if anybody needs to pull any files from it for editing to make a port in this fashion, they are more than welcome to. it was posted sometime around 5-19-2013 if that helps any.

EDIT: http://androidforums.com/5838623-post1550.html do with it as you wish.
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