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Making the move from iPhone 3GS!


May 26, 2010
Hi guys,

Just wanted to say hello! Im making the move from an iPhone 3GS to a Desire, and found this forum while googling!

Im due to recieve my Desire on Friday, and franky I cant wait. I love my iPhone, and its given me a great year, but I got fed up of the lack of user control. I jailbroke it, but thats a pain as you're frequently chasing updates etc. So Im taking the plunge and moving to Android ( much to the disgust of a couple of my Apple loving friends!).

I still think the iPhones an amazing piece of kit, but its just not for me anymore lol. So its just a long 2 day wait now!

Roll on Friday!

TechGrin :D
Hey man,

Good to see you've joined us, I'm sure you'll find this forum very useful - the people here are all really helpful!

I don't blame you to be honest, I've gone through an iPhone and a Blackberry before finding Android. So glad I did though, it can be a bit rough around the edges and does have a lot less apps than the iPhone but it's such a better experience overall!
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I am also considering a similar swap over.

I tried the Nexus this morning for a few hours. Android hasn't really come very far (aesthetically) since I had my Hero, and the amazing hardware didn't seem to be exploited all that much. Screen transitions etc are still a bit "no frills", and the scrolling could use a kinetic overhaul.
One of the previous posters said that it's a bit rough around the edges, which is a fair assessment I think.
As I held it in my hands, I knew it was capable of a vast number of cool things - I just couldn't decide what those things were! I'd have lots of fun changing the screens/widgets, but once set up, that's it.
Landscape keyboard was brilliant - much better than the iPhone's. However, the portrait keyboard was very poor compared to what I'm used to.

Also, the Nexus is
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trick202 is talking complete sense.

Think about it this way - the iPhone is very slick at what it CAN do, whereas Android may be a bit rough around the edges but has a lot more potential. Android is only going to get better as well, the iPhone has peaked too early in my opinion. Just because they did it first doesn't mean someone else can't do it better. It took them almost 3 years to figure out people might just want to use 2 things at once for christ sake!
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