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Manual update 2.01, when I open the keyboard, all home icons disappear


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Nov 7, 2009
New York
Ok, just manually updated to 2.01, and everything went fine on the upgrade, no errors.

Seems rather zippy, however now when I open the keyboard and the home screen shift to a horizontal layout, all my home screen icons (and widgets) disappear. On all three home screens.

Everything is still there in the "all items" menu on the bottom.

I'm not getting any kind of crash indicator, or force close or anything. A reboot brings it back, at least until I open the keyboard again. It's pretty consistent, although it seems I can avoid the problem by not opening the keyboard when it's on the home screen (only doing so when in an app).

Never saw this with 2.0.

I've googled around and seen other folks having similar problems, but no fixes mentioned, and none specifically referring to 2.0.1.
I also had this problem when I upgraded to 2.0.1, but I may have solved it:

I removed, and re-added all the widgets on my homescreen(s). in my case this was the music player (out-of-the-box), brightness level app, and the wifi on/off app. I didn't touch the shortcuts.

The problem seems to have gone away for me, so I hope this helps some of the rest of you :)
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