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Manually upgrading firmware after failed OTA

Hi guys, I am trying to upgrade the firmware on a recently adquired A20. OTA upgrade keeps failing on a specific patch, the one that goes right before the big Android 10 firmware update. Now, I downloaded manually the stock ROM, but Iam really hesitant about flashing it manually. My concern is about why did the OTA failed if it should have downloaded the "correct" firmware, what if this "correct" stock ROM I downloaded is also incompatible and I brick the phone. Im listing below as much info as I can

Model: Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-A205G)
Android version: 9
One UI: 1.1
Baseband: A205GNDXU4ASK2

Samsung Smart Switch info:
Current Software version:pDA:SK2/ CSC: SK2/ PHONE: SK2 (TPA)
Latest software version: PDA:UC1/ CSC: UC2/ PHONE: UC1(TPA) Size 3054 Mb (cant use directly this method because Im working via a proxy)

Failed OTA firmware: A205GUBS5ATA1 (this is the one that failed, acording to Samsung update list is the patch that "goes" right before the Android 10 update.

Now, I downloaded from https://sfirmware.com/es/ a stock ROM listed for this model and matching the PDA and CSC recommended by Smart Switch containing the following:


The question of couse is: is this the correct ROM for my device?
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