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Root Market does not see all of my downloads after NANDROID restore...??


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Mar 29, 2010
So I have never seen this before, and couldn't find any info on it, but I did a NANDROID restore after trying out a rom I didn't like, and now the Android market does not see all of my downloaded apps, it only sees like 5 of them and there are much much more.. How does this happen? I thought a nandroid restore put everything back the way it was when backed up.
Ah, I thought I had seen an option to do that somewhere! Couldn't remember if I imagined it or not lol! Thanks! :D

(EDIT) Uh oh... fail... I need the donate version to do that, which I probably will get at one point but I don't have the means to purchase apps right now.. is there another tool that will do this?
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