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Root Marquee speed tweaks....

Kinda hard to understand the details in your post. Can you post your /etc/sysctl.conf? For #2, what is the file to put that setting, /system/build.prop?

Sorry I typed everything from my phone..lol

Go go the android market(play store)...download "rom toolbox"
after installing the app, swipe over to the cpu control screen, underneath this option there is one called kernel tweaks, enter this...
now enter all the values in my first post and reboot.
This tweaks how your phone handles memory negating the need for a task killer.
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What is required to do this? CWM, Rom installed, or just rooted?
Sorry, I didn't see that information anywhere.
Hope this wasn't too dumb of a question considering it's a "Rom toolbox". LOL =]


Only question that is dumb is one that was not asked...
Anyways must be rooted, that is why I placed the thread in the all things root sub forum
It's very easy...
Download rom toolbox, go to kernel t tweaks tab, and apply values, make sure the apply on bout, otherwise the changes won't stick
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