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Help maximum battery saver

When on maximum saver it will allow your 4g/internet/sync connections to do their thing for 15 minutes and if you don't play with your phone it will then cease sync/net activity. As soon as you pick it up, unlock it, then tap your market or other app it will regain internet/sync connectivity. This 15 minute awake/sync/net time is 24/7 on this maximum battery saver setting.
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I use the custom battery saver setting. So data is off after 15 minutes from 10pm to 7am. I like the data on during the day so I can receive business emails.

I am going to be putting my phone on a charger at night, which disables the power plan, and some nights I am out and about at bars so I need my phone still working.

I just took it off of any type of battery saver.
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