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Media Volume Woes

Ok. So, last night I was bored and browsing through my soundboards looking for a new ringtone. I was opening and closing apps, running task killer, if I thought it necessary. Everything was fine, until all of a sudden my media volume stopped working. On screen, while I'm playing media, I can pull the volume up and down, but no sound comes out. The Alarm volume, and ringer volume continue to work.

So this morning I snooped around the forums and decided to reset my phone. All was going well, until I accidentally played some mp3's that were on my SD card. Now the media volume has stopped working again and when I turn on my phone, my music app has attached itself to that screen that you have to pull down to log in. I didn't request that, and can't find a way to turn that off in the settings.

To be honest, I am a new user. I've had my hero for two weeks, and I'd love to know that my problems are user error and not a faulty phone.

I've also re-downloaded task killer and am wondering if that was a bad choice. I'm still at the point of just playing with my phone: launching apps, installing, uninstalling, etc, and it seemed like a good idea.

In a worst case scenario, I'm thinking of deleting the mp3's and doing another reset. But if I have to keep doing this regularly, the exercise will get a little old.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Stop using task killers. An occasional soft reset should keep your Hero running smooth. Android dumps programs when it needs more memory. I haven't used task killer in weeks and have had fewer problems as a result. Because so many programs seem to share code, you may be killing programs which are messing up core functions.
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I've noticed this exact same issue.

My media player works fine when it comes to volume, however, YouTube and Flixter media volume is next to NIL!

This doesn't make any sense to my non-knowing Android code mind...

I have a task killer app installed from my early days of having my phone, but I haven't used it in weeks, a month maybe? This issue has been present on my phone since the beginning afaik?!
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Well the music app problem appears to be user error. I just can't get the hang of this interface...

I ended up restarting it again, and am going to try to resist the urge to download a task killer. Maybe that's the problem. So far, everything is running smoothly. But of course I'm at work, and resisting the urge to play with the phone.

I definitely feel my phone bog down, when I'm toggling between apps. But maybe I'm being impatient by reaching too quickly for the task killer.
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