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Memory allocation


Feb 17, 2014
How do I designate apps to SD card rsther than phone memory. Also, gallery app said memory full, delete some files, so in camera I made it save pics to dd card and moved pics from gallery to sd card, but gallery still says no room available and wont let me open the program! Is there a way to store pics in sd card and view with gallery?
Hello, I have the same phone: go to my files, open it and navigate to your sd card, that would be your internal phone memory. Find your pictures under DCIM, and tap bottom left of phone, for the menu, after that, select all pictures, then top right, click "move", then hit the back button, and navigate to extsdcard, once it's open, create a folder, that option will be at the top of the list. Then select "move here", that option is located top right of menu, when you do that, it will move your pictures to the external sd card, and clearing them off the internal memory, at the same time, Hope this helps.
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