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samsung exhibit 4g

  1. Guggy

    Root Rashr says recovery is flashed, but it's not.

    Rashr says recovery is flashed, but it's not. I try and flash TWRP with it and whenever i reboot to recovery, stock android recovery 3e. Anyone know my problem?
  2. P

    Help me to unlock my phone

    Guys goodmorning. I have samsung sgh-t599 and it was locked to tmobile. How can i unlock my phone?? Tia
  3. matthiar

    Help Need original pit file

    Messing around with an old SGH_T599 from TMO. I managed to upload a wrong pit file (don't ask). I am on a mac and using heimdall command line. Need to either a) get back to stock or b) flash CyanogenMod , but I cannot find the original pit file ... The heimdall command I am planning on using...
  4. X

    Help Remove app launcher from home

    I'm running cyanogenmod 11 and using Trebuchet as my home. I want to replace the bottom bar with pie as seen in the bottom corner. Is there a way to remove the app launcher from the home screen and the lil dot above it?
  5. A

    CARBON Flash ROM

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (Metro PCS) I bought last year running a stock 4.1.2 ROM, which is ROOTED- (SGH-T599N/Android ver4.1.2/T599NUVAMD4) I want to install 'CarbonROM 4.4.4' but I don't know which files to download... If someone could point me to the correct files I would really...
  6. ¤

    Help SGH-T599N Hidden Menu

    I know there is stuff all over the web about hidden menus but I've tried all of the dial codes, apps, and still can't get to the hidden menu. So my question is, is there even one for this phone?
  7. P

    Please help asap

    Yesterday I rooted my phone using 4shared to download this rooter called Master Root or key root. It automatically installed some app called SuperSu. I then downloaded the app root app delete or something like that. I started deleting apps but I deleted apps like default apps, messaging, metro...
  8. T

    sgh t599 rooted and unlocked

    So, I got the t mobile samsumg sgh t599 from a friend. It was an old phone of his. I started playing around with it. Got it rooted and unlocked easily. I was just bored. But now, I actually want to start using a phone service and although I unlocked a t mobile phone, I was thinking about using t...
  9. H

    Help Removing Debian and Boot Loop

    Ok, I have stock everything. Rooted successfully. No custom recovery. It is stuck on Samsung logo boot loop. Can get to stock recovery and download mode. What I did was use RB to delete all debian files that I could find. I didn't think that not being able to delete bootdeb would make it mess...
  10. F

    Does the Voodoo Sound application work on the Exhibit 4G T759?

    The Exhibit 4G T759 is included in the list of supported devices (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.projectvoodoo.controlapp&hl=en) but I can't seem to find anyone who confirmed that it's actually working on this particular phone. Anyone knows if it does?
  11. S

    Help! Im not able to connect to the internet with my Samsung Exhibit!

    Hello, Last night I bought my Samsung Exhibit from MetroPCS with the 4g hotspot. I connected my ipod touch with the hotspot and i was able to access the internet for a few minutes. Then i turned off my samsung for a few hours and turned it back on, turned on the hotspot, and connected my...
  12. T

    Need updates for Samsung Exhibit 4G

    My Exhibit 4G Model 759 is currently on 2.3.3 and to use the app for my bank I need at least 2.2.8 or higher. I contacted T-Mobile and they do not have updates for this phone anymore. Does anyone know if updates can still be done for this phone and where I might be able to find them? I know...
  13. S

    Help Phone discharges even when charger is plugged in

    Help! Even when my charger is plugged into the wall at home, the battery discharges. It gives me messages like "Battery low" or "Battery critically low" and tells me to plug in the charger--when it is already plugged in! I've tried it in nearly every outlet in my apt. that was not dedicated...
  14. X

    Help phone's off but still works

    Ok I'm very confused. I haven't had my phone on in MONTHS and have just been using Wi-Fi. Yesterday I had my Wi-Fi on and was not connected to anything and all of my internet stuff was still working. I waited all day and my phone's still working no matter where I go.I can't make phone calls or...
  15. t12b25

    Help Memory issues

    Hi everybody!. I hope I got the right phone it's the exhibit sold through metro pcs. If not I'm sorry I got confused . nonetheless here's the issue . I'm the android geek of the family, so trying to help as usual . the memory on the phone is filled up and some of it with pictures taken . Now I...
  16. A

    Help How to save all text messages to my SD card of Samsung Exhibit 4G ?

    On the LG Motion there's a program called Backup. It backs up all the text messages to the internal SD card. Cannot find backup for this Samsung 4G Exhibit. Someone please tell me how to do this. Thank you.
  17. M

    Memory allocation

    How do I designate apps to SD card rsther than phone memory. Also, gallery app said memory full, delete some files, so in camera I made it save pics to dd card and moved pics from gallery to sd card, but gallery still says no room available and wont let me open the program! Is there a way to...
  18. M

    Help Disabling auto updates?

    Is this possible to set a broad parameter affecting all apps (rather than going into each one separately)? I want to be asked permission to install updates. Also, is there a way to revert to a previous version of an ap (navigator) that I had brfore the update?
  19. M

    Help i need help

    Hi guys I need help rooting my phone the Samsung galaxy exhibit from metro PCs plz help I tried for shared Google YouTube but still nothing plz help with links are anything thanks ~marcus
  20. O

    Help t599n, want to root it. can you help?

    Howdy, I have a Samsung Exhibit t599n that I want to root, but I am using the Linux Arch OS on my laptop. I cannot find any resources on how to root this phone on this OS, and the Arch Linux forums are ran by complete arrogant jerks, to be polite, who deleted my thread when I asked the Arch...
  21. exgenmeikoj

    Root Sgh-t559

    Okay so I am searching for answers about this phone now I've download a bunch of exhibit 4g recoverys haven't tried them yet as I am trying to figure out what actually goes to this model please help I am coming for the epic 4g touch so please understand this is a pain. I've already rooted all I...
  22. A

    Help How does one stop the home button vibration ?

    This will seem trivial, but "little things mean a lot". My GF has this phone and she is bothered by the HOME button vibrating if it's held down for longer than 0.5 seconds. I've gone through the menus and cannot find where this vibration is disabled. Anyone know ?
  23. R

    Can my fiance's Exhibit model SGH-T599N be rooted

    I've found instructions for rooting the Exhibitbbut they don't say which model. And I know there's a couple models. Is model SGH-T599N rootable? If so, can you point me to the correct instructions for this model?
  24. A

    Help Every message is multimedia. Why ? Why txt attachment ?

    I was trying out a Samsung Exhibit on MetroPCS, and each and every plain text e-mail received from gmail accounts are "multimedia messages". How can this be stopped ? When sending to gmail account, each e-mail has an attached text file (.txt). How can that attachment be stopped ?
  25. M

    Help Metro PCS - Registered Network Verizon full bars, but can't do anything.

    I just recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G from Metro PCS. It is registered on Verizon network I have all my bars, but I try to make a call and it says network busy, txt fail and I don't have any data. I try to search for available networks and Metro PCS, Verizon and Tmobile come up. I...