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Help Memory Name?


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Apr 20, 2014
My moto g 3 has just been updated to Marshmallow and seems to be working fine except for one problem!
Using File Manager App my Samsung SD card is named, '683C-1AFC' I seem to remember it being named 'sdcard1'
Going into Settings, under, Storage & USB, it is named, '40w per cha'
Can anyone explain this? and can it be renamed? It seems to have two names?
Preferably without formatting.

Going into Settings, under, Storage & USB, it is named, '40w per cha'

This suggests that the card has been formatted as internal storage, introduced in Android 6.x.

Try selecting the card from the Storage & USB page, and then open the menu in the top-right corner of the resulting "contents list" page. On my MM handset the first option there is "Rename".
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Thanks for your reply.
The option you suggest is not on my menu? I can change the 'view' or in settings I can format as internal, format, move media or eject.
Seems I might be stuck with it. Strange that it has a different name Storage & USB and my file manager App.
Might have to contact Motorola.

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