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"Message Sent Successfully"?!?


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Jan 5, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
wtf? I just sent the first text message since I installed the upgrade, and I got a notification "Message Sent - Message sent successfully".

It never did that before the upgrade. Every time I send a text from now on I'm going to get an audible notification that is was successfully sent? Shouldn't I take for granted that it's successfully sent, and shouldn't they just be notifying me if it WASN'T successfully sent?
On any normal cell phone that's not a smartphone, you can set it so that if you don't acknowledge a text message or voice message, it will repeatedly remind you by way of a periodic vibration or sound. I don't know whether that was added in 2.1, but it didn't exist in 1.5; it only flashed the trackball, which requires you to have to look at the phone.
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I just found out the sms sent notification always reply me that my message successfully sent. i have tested to send the sms to other phone which i switched off, but sms sent notification reply me my message successfully sent...anyone encountered same problem?


Hello chensawling. Welcome to Android Forums. :)

"Message sent successfully" is reporting that the sms was successfully transmitted from your device to the nearest tower; it is not a report having anything to do with reception of that message by another device.
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