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Aug 13, 2011

Since upgrading to firmware KG5, I've noticed that the 'skins' feature of the Samsun messaging app has disappeared.

Does anyone know why this is or how I can get it back?

It might sound silly, but I don't like the stock blue & yellow message bubbles, find them iritating. I much preferred the options in the skins.

Second, on the message app, when selecting contacts to send a message too from the contact list, within the message the contact list is showing all contacts, including those on the SIM, even though in Contacts, I've set the display option to only show contacts from the phone. This is damn annoying, as it means I see two of every contact.

How do I resolve this?

Thanks in advance,
The skins feature was removed in a recent firmware update. If you want the ability to do this you will need to download hancent or go sms.

As for your 2nd problem I've noticed this too but only after I installed KH3 so perhaps its a bug. As I always got a backup of all my contacts in kies I just removed all contacts off my sim

Thanks for the reply.

The skins feature being removed is mildly annoying, but something I could put with. I may try a different SMS app.

The 2nd problem was not present on the firmware that came with my phone (KE1) but is present on KG5. Now this 'bug' is very annoying.

I think it may be a bug, as you can obviously select which source to view for contacts but this seems be being ignored by the messaging app.

I don't like niggles like this, expect higher standards really, not much to ask... what's the point in doing something wrong!!?? lol

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