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Root Metamorph not working


Android Enthusiast
Sep 26, 2010
Notheast Ohio
Anyone else having issues with metamorph. I have a couple of backups of mikfroyo4.5 in different themes going at this time. They are all running the same kernel netarchy 4.3.2 sbc more havs. The current set up I can't get metamorph to change battery widget. Really blowing my mind anyone have any ideas. Thanks
The red theme is a flashable zip I thought
sorry I was not clear on what I was saying, the problem was I had flashed a stock 4.4 theme then was trying to use metamorph to flash a battery wiget and that was not working. So I flashed the mik red theme then used metamorph to flash the battery wiget I wanted off the mikfroyo extras web page and it is now working. I know you said you could not get it to work, but have you tried what I just said. It doesn't have to be the red theme but try flashing a theme from mik's page then try a metamorph zip. There is a link on how to use metamorph on the extras page have you read it.
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