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Root Metamorph Themes...

Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone new of a metamorph theme for this battery icon:
Ok, new question. I found the metamorph of this battery! But.... the files are hdpi (duh)
My question is, how can I convert them to mdpi? I have seen many applications for dl that will do this, but they are mainly for ROMs and require flashing through recovery. I just want to resize them and replace them in SDcard/Android Themes so that I can metamorph them. Any help is appreciated!!!
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Ok! I had to switch to the CELB Froyo ROM because these are made for CM 6 and the ROM I was on didn't have it. Looks AMAZING on my phone. Here's the zip for those of you that want to flash. Credit goes to ataris_kid for creating the icons and chncmdlck for resizing for the Eris. Just use MM and reboot - works like a charm. Hope everyone likes them - it took me a hell of a long time to figure out how to do this.

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