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Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] step by step directions on how to dual boot

What other OS would you want to dual boot with? I am just wondering why you would want to dual boot. I, personally, can't see a reason to on a phone. Please tell me your reasons that I might be well informed. Thanks.

That just sounds like you're bloating your device.On a phone I don't see the point in not just picking a rom you like and sticking with it.

Many of us have more than one roms backed up on our devices. Dual boot would save the time and trouble of restoring a whole rom anytime we felt like switching. If you're thinking of multi users than, yes, useless as hell. Dual boot, is awesome.
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RIGHT i am running Metropolis Rom 4 .1.1 witch is a great rom for updated stock JB.... i use to run the nightlies cm10.1 but they were buggy so i was going to wait for an official RELEASE but i still want to use it some times but im not about to flash and restore the whole thing over so im going to be on Metropolis Rom but to switch from time to time would be nice

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