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Help MetroPCS flashing confusion - before or after activation?


Dec 14, 2010
I have a Sprint HTC Hero. I bought because MetroPCS website said that they flash the hero for $10.
My zip code listed 6 stores that it said had the capability.
ALL 6 Stores said they couldn't do it. Common story right.

Here's where my confusion is in the hours of "flash to metro" research I've done about the actual practical purpose:

Are people doing this ONLY in areas that allow it, or are they activating it after they've flashed to metropcs, or are they buying a Metropcs phone & service in the shop, and transferring the esn from that to there smartphone?

And can I do the last one, can I buy a MetroPCS cheapy phone for $20 and transfer that service to my HTC hero by flashing it and changing the ESN from cheapy to android?


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