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Root MetroPCS New PRL 3028


Out of Detroit, MI

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There's no major difference between this PRL or 3027. Call Metro Tech support and they'll even tell you not to upgrade to this PRL.
that doesnt make any sense..why would metro tech support tell you not to upgrade to their newest preff. roaming list?
i was in LA for about 3 hours with either no reception to barely 1x before i downloaded the new prl..as soon as i did i was solid 3g the rest of the day.

That link no longer valid...it gets an error. Anyone know where to get prl 3028?
umm *228?
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You guys are calling the wrong people if you're just getting machines.

This bypasses the Metro idiots who don't know anything and gets you straight to the actual tech support where people know what they're talking about and can even put in help/repair tickets to engineers, rather than the normal idiots who just tell you to turn the phone off and back on.
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