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Root [MetroPCS] Xposed modules


Oct 27, 2011
I have gone back to Hroarl's KK port from CM11 and have been playing with Xposed modules. I am trying to change the settings background from the boring white to something else (a picture, a different color, etc...like GT did with Xperion).

I am using XBackground, Xblast and Holo Themer but am having a hard time figuring out how to change the settings background in "list" view. If I switch to "tab" view, the background change takes effect. The problem is that the "tab" view doesn't stick, so the next time I go enter settings, it reverts back to the "list" view with the boring white background. Switching it to "tab" view brings back my changes.

If anyone can offer a module or setting to change, it will be appreciated.

P.S. To switch views in setting from list to tab, while in settings, hold the menu button and select the view you want.


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