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Help micro sd card slot socket broken

i have to replace my micro sd socket on my lg connect. anyone know where i can get this connector? ive never seen this type with the 8 pins split up 4 on each side of the connector instead of all 8 pins at the back end. i've already unsoldered and removed it, but there are no manufacturer names, only this stamped number: I1DQ, ive done google searches but no luck. image searches of micro sd connectors do no contain this pin pattern. much thanks to anyone who can help.
took awhile but.... i already knew i needed the push-push reverse mount type, what i couldnt find is the split pin design where the 8 pins are split 4 pins on left and 4 pins on right side of the case. digikey was no help, but a better google shearch revealed the manufacturer ALPS and mouser has it for $1.48. so for all you LG Connect (LGSM840) phone users, if your Micro SD Card slot ever breaks, here is the location where you can purchase it.... you'll need a good SMT desolder tool as this was very difficult to remove, i would suggest letting an expert smt reworker do the job for you...

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