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Micro SD Problems - Please Help!


Jul 5, 2013
Hi There

I have a Galaxy Note 2 and I was playing music on my phone fine before I got a Micro Sdcard. I had to get one as my memory had completely run out. so I picked up a normal 32gb Micro Sd card and my songs just keep skipping and skipping. heres my problems:

1. - I put all my songs on the sd card (about 1400 songs) and it only put half on there (about 600 songs). so then I see the format sd card option so i would try that.

2. - So I formatted the sd card which deletes everything on there lucky enough I back up all the files on computer. Once formatted I put all the songs back on there and this time it put 307 songs on. so then I thought I would plug the sd card in the phone and tranfer the songs through the phone into the card if you get me.

3 - so I formatted again and put the song on through the phone into the sd card but I did it a 100 at a time and watched it so i knew they were all going on there (took ages but i did it). this time they all went on there so I was happy thinking it worked but then i tried playing somthing and it was coming up with somthing like "sorry, this player doesnt support this format". so i was real angry cause ive spent about 5 hours just trying to put songs on my card. so i thought it was time to look online for help.

4 - I tried clearing the cache, clearing the data, unmounting and remounting, taking it out and putting it back in, resetting the phone, using a deffierent music player and it did the exact same thing. I even rebooted it to factory settings and lost everything contacts the lot because i forgot to save them to sim and it still didnt work. then i realised it was only playing AAC files .M4A or somthing. and it wasnt playing mp3s.

5. So then i changed all my mp3s over to AAC .M4A files thinking it should work just like all the other songs. i did thid and guess what............... only songs converted from a cd worked, even some of them dont work.

6. all my songs have no protection so it not that either,

7. then i saw a question on Yahoo and this guy had the exact same problem as me and he needed help and someone said its maybe that i havent got a android Micro sd card called "SanDisk Mobile Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card" now i dont mind buying one of these i just waned to ask you guys first. is this the reason my songs will not play??. because i dont want to buy a brand new one and find out it has the same problem??

People i really need help, please dont ignore

Copy from post over on the razrM forum

Looks like I'm having a similar problem

Originally Posted by greenfrog42
You can use the sd card for music, pictures and movies, but not to store apps unless you jail break, then you run into other problems.

Other than that, I have found that any micro sd seems to work, I personally use a micro sd with a speed rating of 10.

My phone seems to choke on a 32gb card. I loaded about 20gbs of music on one and while it reads fine on my laptop and a pmp (Cowon J3) It works for a short time on my RazrM and then starts giving me read errors and occasionally just shows the whole card as empty. If I unmount the card remove it and power cycle the phone it will work ok for a few hours and then quit again. I swapped the 16gb card in the pmp with the 32gb and the pmp can read and play music off the 32gb card with no problem, ditto with the laptop. The razrM can read and play music off the 16gb card with no problem. I am using Jet Audio, but the problem with the 32gb card also occurs with the native google player.

Could there be a limit on the number of files the razrM can access on the sd card? Anyone have any issues with 32gb card?

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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