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micro usb port stopped working


Oct 21, 2010
after having the phone for 4 months and everythign going well I go to plug my phone in to charge(cause the battery only last a few hrs) and nothing. I took it to t-mo and they put a new battery in and it worked,said it was the port. Anyone else have this happen,what did you do. I didn't buy the phone direct through t-mo,but it was a brand new phone. I took it to a shop that fixes phones,said it would cost at most $50 to put in a new port,but is now saying that they might have to change the motherboard because the ports they tried adding isn't working. It's been about 6 days and i'm pulling my hair out over this. I dont understand how 1 day its fine and the next it's bricked!
well a dead micro usb port certainly does not = brick. the phone still works so cannot be called a brick, though i know its as useful as one without being able to charge. you could see if there is a charging pad that works with the slide then you don't need the port and it would likely cost less. also i know it sounds dumb but did you try a factory reset? there could be corrupted software that disabled the port.

FYI next time you should post things like this in the "support and troubleshooting" sub-forum at the top of the main page, as that is the best (and right) place to post topics such as this.
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