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Midi site settings in mobile Chrome


Feb 5, 2023
Hey all,

About 6 months ago my Samsung A32 Android phone did an OS update. Ever since, any website that uses midi - such as https://www.musicca.com/piano - yields NO sound in Google Chrome. I've reset my phone, re-installed Chrome, cleared all the cache, enable site sounds, etc... I have noticed that SITE SETTINGS for individual websites in the desktop version of Chrome has an option to enable / disable midi devices. But the mobile version is completely missing this option. Not sure if that's the problem but just an observation. Does anyone know how to fix this in the mobile version Chrome?
Just tried going to that site using both Firefox and Chrome on both a smartphone and a desktop PC and all were working OK with sounds.

Since it's apparently just the Chrome app on your phone that's the problem, and given all the things you're already tried to fix it, just for clarification when you refer to '...reset your phone...' does that mean you did an actual Factory Reset or instead a misleading, generic reference to just restarting your phone? If the former the following is already done as part of the process but if the latter, try going into Settings >> Apps menu, find and open the Chrome app entry, and tap on Clear data. Using Clear data will manually wipe any previous settings and configuration data for the app, essentially returning the app back to its original, first time used state. Some apps do this when you Uninstall them, but some still leave behind the app's settings/config folder even when you Uninstall the app data.
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