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Mini review of Thrive


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Nov 13, 2008
Thanks to Best Buy for letting me spend an hour with a 32gb version of the Thrive today :) Though BB would not let me buy one, they were kind enough to open one and allow me to test it (they are going to use it for their demo anyway).


Not sure what people are dinging (perhaps not seen one for real yet?), since the display from a pixel/space fill perspective looks like an IPS panel. Not the same contrast of course as the Trans, but not the same dark lines in between pixel arrays like the A500 has either. Viewing angles are close to the Transformer (but not quite).

At full brightness, the Trans has more contrast, but the Thrive appears to look more natural and better with color. The A500 looks a tad washed out, compared to the Thrive and this is due to the A500 panel design having thin horizontal black lines that are visible. The Thrive does NOT have these, hence an "IPS" like pixel coverage.

Another poster ranked the Thrive just below the Transformer and above the Xoom and A500. Fair ranking IMO.

ADDED: I suggest turning the video enhancement OFF. IMO, display and video looks/plays better- it is defaulted to "on". I an not seeing the point of this feature, besides marketing jive.

Panel response

Just as good as the A500, which is great and much better than the Trans.


Just as good as the A500, which is great and much better than the Trans.


Now that the A500 has 3.1, they all seem equal to me.


Great grip and comfortable feel when holding (The A500 is a slip magnet and the Trans "sharp" corners are an issue). A tad fat, though needed to maintain design symmetry, considering USB host, full HDMI and full size SD slot.

The wifi is reported to be good, so the only issue I am concerned with now is the battery life (due to smaller battery). Buying an extra $100 battery seems silly to me. Tablets should have GREAT batttery life. Jury still out on the Thrive.


If the display was weak, I was going to pass on the Thrive and decide between getting another A500 (had two already) or the Transformer. The Thrive seems to be a nice composite of the A500 and Transformer, so will purchase a 16gb on the 10th and hope battery life is better than expected.
Ive had the Thrive for 3 days now and love it. Battery life is good after a couple cycles. Charges fast too. Very pleased. Good luck!

Just wish the power supply kit was not so huge (compared to other tabs). No problem around the house, but huge compared to the other options. I wonder if the fast charge technology forced Toshiba to use a bigger system, or Toshiba simply used a laptop charger?

Total volume footprint of the PS kit seems almost the same size as the Thrive (as far as space is concerned for carrying). I guess the good news is the PS is more robust ;)
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It is literally a laptop PS and cable (so not short and cheap like A500). IMO though, too big and out of place, given the size of the device it powers. Seems the extreme opposite PS relative of the A500.

Though perhaps a cost savings move and using a common PS from a laptop or netbook product line, this design may be needed to handle the one hour accelerated charging.
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