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Help Minor WIFI Problem After Froyo Update


Jul 22, 2010
Yesterday at my office I noticed my wireless connection cycling on and off. I have a basic D-link wireless router that networks three computers. I couldn't figure out why I kept losing internet and the network. It would work for a few minutes then not work for a few.

I finally narrowed it down to my EVO. When I have the WIFI set to on in the EVO its messing up my network. Any ideas as to why? This didn't happen until the Froyo update!
I had the same problem after updating to 2.2. I replaced my D-Link DI-624 with a Linksys WRT160N and all is well again ...

My EVO did work with the D-Link on 2.1. I figured it would be far less hassle to replace the DI-624, which was discontinued on 8/1/2007, than to try to fix the problem.

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An odd problem, but I've seen stranger things happen. For anyone experiencing this sort of issue, I'd recommend seeing if there's a fireware update on the router or access point. Some of the older routers and access points used draft versions of WiFi G or N, and there may possibly be bugs that were fixed after it hit the market. It's not uncommon to have several revisions of the firmware released for a couple of years after the wireless device is first sold, so there's a good chance you may not be current.
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I guess i was lucky until now....i never had wifi problems...i could be anywhere in my house and not have a problem with wifi....after updating to .6 froyo, i literally have to be in the same room as my router to get a decent speed...if i move to the next room, my speed drops tremendously....never had the problem until froyo.....any suggestions?
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